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Color Revive

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    • Color Revive Cool Brown

      Revives cool, sensual brunettes full of sophisticated shine.

    • Color Revive Cool Red

      Revives sultry red-violet keeping it vivid and glossy.

    • Color Revive Dark Warm Blonde

      Revives elegant caramel blonde with rich reflective shine.

    • Color Revive Icy Blonde

      Revives clear, bright blonde for a striking statement.

    • Color Revive Light Cool Blonde

      Revives pure, iridescent blonde keeping brassiness away.

    • Color Revive Light Warm Blonde

      Revives soft beige tones for a beautiful blonde.

    • Color Revive Warm Blonde

      Revives the radiance of stunning brunette, refreshes or intensifies the color intensity.

    • Color Revive Warm Red

      Revives rich copper-reds keeping beautiful brilliance and vibrancy.

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