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After months of mask wearing, your face needs special care. Correct and prevent “maskne” with our new specialized services.

To find out your skin type please call Belleza to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. Once you have had your appointment you will receive a password to access Belleza Beauty at Home. 

The perfect remedy for dry and dehydrated skin. This facial will gently exfoliate the skin, brighten your appearance and balance your skins hydration levels using Yonka’s long lasting hydration collection.

This calming and comforting facial will respect all aspects of sensitive and reactive skin. By using Yonka’s Sensitive Line, which is formulated with pre-and probiotics, the signs and symptoms of sensitivity are calmed and the appearance of redness is improved.

This treatment provides correction and protection against impurities and their unsightly consequences. Appropriate for all ages, the skin will be deeply exfoliated, impurities extracted, pores tightened and the skin will be left healthy and balanced.

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