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 Patrons and Employees must be screened for exposure and illness prior to the service.

If the answer is "YES" to any of the following, do not enter the facility. 

Select your location and Once the questions have been submitted, please give us a call!

Please submit within 30 minutes of your appointment!

Listed are the practices that are in place in accordance with the Phase Three Guidelines.

1. Open by appointment only. When you arrive, please wait
in your car and give us a call. We will direct you from there!

Bearden | 865-558-8424 x 304
Turkey Creek | 865-558-8424 x 306

2. All guests and employees will be screened online prior to entering facilities. 

3. Masks are required for all employees and guests. 

4. All communal areas are shut down. No beverages, magazines or newspapers will be available. If you have a Salon appointment please wear a low neckline shirt.

5. Please limit all personal items to one item.

6. Only the person receiving the service is allowed in the building. Minors with appointments and those needing special assistance are the only exceptions.

7. At this time we have to charge a $5 environmental fee for each visit.

We will continue to sell our Emergency Root Touch-Up Kits & products online. For a limited time we are offering free shipping on orders over $50! Please visit our website for more information.

Thank you so much for you continued understanding, patience and support during this time.

– Team Belleza

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