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 Dear Clients,

 We would like to thank you for all your support through the years and particularly last year; it has been a difficult year to say the least. We, from day one, decided that the safety and well being of our guests and team members was our top priority and made every effort along the way to adhere to that decision.

 As of Wednesday, 5/19/2021, we will be changing several of our protocols.

1.   Unvaccinated Guests and Employees are expected to wear a mask. If vaccinated and you prefer to wear a mask please do so and if you would feel safer if your service provider wears a mask, please ask and we will gladly accommodate you.

2.   We are eliminating the Covid Screening and you do not have to call prior to your appointment.

3.    Our waiting areas are opening back up.

4.   Our Beverage stations are opening back up.

5.   We will keep the dividers and barriers until more information is available.

6.   We are eliminating the $5 Environmental Fee.

Thank you for your patronage and please help us maintain a safe environment.

Thank you,

The Belleza Team

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