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New Yon-Ka Essential White

yonka whiteThe new YON-KA Paris regimen for an even-toned and radiant complexion.

Modern women of all ages seek beautiful, radiant looking skin that’s flawless and free from the marks of time.

Discover an exceptional collection of brightening products that combines the perfection and strength of nature with advanced scientific research in pigment control. This scientifically proven system effectively evens skin tone and eliminates dark spots by regulating melanin production and blocking the natural transference of dark pigment to skin cells.

Correcteur Ciblé
  • A targeted skincare to correct dark spots
    Correcteur Cible2

Creme Lumière
  • A silky cream to brighten and unify the complexion
    Creme Lumiere2

Solution Clarté
  • A soft peeling for a new skin
    Solution Clarte2

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